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Brett Winstone

Your Part-Time CFO & Small Business Accounting Specialist

Brett Winstone is a highly professional accountant and CFO based in Brisbane.  He maintains his leading edge by delivering state of the art accounting services to small, medium and large businesses.  His services include:


What makes a part time CFO a non-negotiable?
Your Professional Business Accountant

By partnering with business owners and managers, my clients benefit from my strategic problem-solving skills, value-added solutions and high energy. No job is too big or small and, because I’m based in Brisbane, I can also work on-site and help train and transfer skills to your existing staff.

With over 30 years experience in accounting and financial management, I am a Chartered Accountant and have an MBA from The University of Queensland and will look after your business as if it is my own.

Call me on 0418 697 701 or email to find out how I can help grow your business.

How I Work

At our first meeting, I will come to your office and meet with your board and key employees. This gives them the opportunity to tell me about your business and ask me any questions they may have. Like any good relationship, it may take more than one meeting to decide if we’re a good fit. Further meetings and phone calls will ensure that I have a clear understanding of your business, expectations and the deliverables you require.

Once these have been agreed I will then present to your board and leadership team, outlining where I believe I can add value to your business. This will also describe the nature of my role, my approach, suggested priorities and an overview of my fees and terms. If I am to be a member of your inner circle of advisors, I believe it’s important to be transparent with you at the outset. If you’re happy to proceed then we can sign a formal Contractor Agreement and start working on achieving your goals.

While it’s not essential, for our collaboration to have the best chance of success I prefer to work at your premises. This enables me to gain a deep understanding of your business and identify its strengths and weaknesses. This also means I’ll be on hand to answer any questions that you or your team may have and transfer skills and expertise.

If you have resource constraints or it’s not geographically possibly, I can of course work remotely and connect with your team through the wonders of modern technology. Regardless of how we communicate, I commit to being dedicated to the success of your business.

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