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Your Part-Time CFO

Small Business Chief Financial Officer & Strategic Accounting Specialist

Business Accountant Brisbane

As a highly skilled and experienced Chartered Accountant with an MBA, I provide strategic advice and hands-on financial support at an affordable price. Chief Financial Officer services, Financial Controller, Part-Time Finance Manager, Virtual CFO and business accountant – regardless of what you call me, you can count on me to help your business grow.

Why to choose me

Start-ups and small to medium businesses need more than accounting firms – they need the skills and experience of a Chief Financial Officer to help them accelerate their growth and attract investors, but they often can’t afford to hire one. I help Brisbane-based start-ups, entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses achieve their goals as their Part-Time CFO & business accountant.

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For strategic accounting advice, you can trust Your Part-Time CFO

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Business Accounting & Advisory Services

Professional, expert and experienced Accountant

Engagement Onboarding Steps

A Part-Time Chief Financial Officer & Accountant for your small to medium business in Brisbane
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In a free, no obligation telephone call we’ll discuss your business and accounting systems and reports to ascertain how I can add value and address any concerns you may have about the current state of your accounting function.

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An on-site meeting with a tour of your operations and review of your latest financial statements allows me to better assess the financial state of your business and the status of your accounting function.

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Within five business days you will receive my proposal of customised CFO Services to address the needs of and add value to your business including costs on a project or retainer basis.

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Typically some fine tuning of the proposal will be required to ensure our interests and objectives are aligned. This will form the basis of a simple “Contractor Agreement” to formalise agreed costs, deliverables and timing.

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I will now commence providing and invoicing the agreed bespoke CFO Services to your business. Feedback on the status of tasks and projects will be provided regularly by email.

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